Lascaux being dismantled at Brussels

Closed 12rd of April, the Exhibition is now being dismantled at Brussels.

See you on May 19 in Paris


The Lascaux cave paintings to be exhibited in Korea next year

“The famous Lascaux cave paintings will be exhibited in a cave in Gwangmyeong City in Korea for the first time in Asia. (..) The international exhibition of the prehistoric cave drawings will be exhibited in the Gwangmyeong Cave for five months from April through September next year. (..) Gwangmyeong Mayor Yang said, “The Lascaux international exhibition will help our city to promote the Gwangmyeong Cave and the city to the world.” The Gwangmyeong cave is the only one in the Seoul metropolitan area as a tourist destination”



“Are we cro-magnons ?”

Brussels Diplomatic, 3 December 2014

“Let us discover our history with one of the rare testimonies of the prehistory and the refinement of its contemporaries. Which is to be discovered to the “Cinquantenaire”: the cro-magnons and the cave of Lascaux. After a tour in America, the itinerant exhibition makes currently  a stopover in the European capital, before Japan.

An exhibition during which we can go off to explore the reconstruction as before of rock paintings, 20000-year-old old, discovered to Montignac in September, 1940. The palaeolithic atmosphere is reconstituted, thus let us go off to explore this civilization and let us understand one of the first masterpieces of the humanity. And let us imagine  how these people lived, went hunting, ate, got dressed… from not only their paintings, but also from bones, objects of their everyday life, and their own reproduction from their skeleton.”


Vue ensemble 4 signataires debout++

Bernard Cazeau, Senator and President of General Council of Dordogne (France) Travels to Tokyo

From October 27 to 31, Bernard Cazeau, Senator and President of the General Council of Dordogne (France) and Olivier Retout, PhD, Director of the “Lascaux International Exhibition” project went to Tokyo, hosted by the French Embassy in Japan.


Set-up time at Brussels

The set-up time has just started on October 24.

The set-up is carried out under the supervision of the Lascaux Crew composed of 4 dedicated professionals (Claire de Visscher, Patrick De Mobull Vanschoenwinkel, Fred Barreau et Francis Ringenbach). The Cinquantenaire Museum provide also 5 or 6 museum workers and specific equipment for lifting and handling. The set-up time is 3 weeks.

Opening on November 15..


Lascaux and his 12 maritime containers just arrived at Brussels

The exhibition fully packaged in 95 crates representing 12 maritime containers has been delivered at the Cinquantenaire Museum.

The set-up can start..

lascaux boat Montréal

Bye bye Montreal !

After 2 weeks of dismantling under the supervision of the Lascaux Crew, Lascaux is now fully packaged in 95 crates representing 12 marine containers.

Here the special “Lascaux” cargo ship containing the 12 marine containers on board, leaving Montreal. Arrival at port of Antwerp (Belgium) the October 17.



Lascaux is now being dismantled in Montréal.

The dismantling time is 2 weeks and carried out under the supervision of the Lascaux crew composed of 4 dedicated professionals. The Montreal Science Center provide also 8 workers and specific equipment for lifting and handling.

The exhibition must be packaged in 95 crates representing 12 marine containers.

The 12 containers will arrive at Anvers the 17th of October, then set-up time in Brussels is 3 weeks.


Lascaux will be hosted by the Cinquantenaire Museum (Brussels) !

We are happy to announce the next venue in Europe  : the Cinquantenaire Museum, in Brussels, from the November 14, 2014 to March 15, 2015.


Press Conference at the Cinquantenaire Museum, Brussels

Eric Gubel, General Director of Cinquantenaire Museum, and Bernard Cazeau, Senator and President of the General Council of Dordogne, have just signed the contract for collaboration for Lascaux Exhibition.

The Exhibition will be hosted by the Cinquantenaire Museum from the 14th of November 2014 to the 15th of March 2015. Before the signature, Olivier Retout, Project Director, presented the project to the Press.


photo1 - copie 2

ECSITE 20-24 May 2014, The Hague, Netherlands

Thank you for visiting our booth Lascaux at Business Bistro !


Next date : Tokyo in 2016 !

We are proud to announce the next venue : Tokyo, National Museum of Nature and Science in 2016 !


Signature of contract with Science Centre Montreal

The Montreal Science Center is the third venue in North America privileged to present these unique Lascaux replicas. See on the photo (16th March 2014) Mrs Payette and M.Cazeau just after the signature !


Opening in Houston Museum of Natural Science

Montréal&Houston-Pdt-Cazeau-Octobre2013 083 - copie

Opening in Houston Museum of Natural Science

More than 300 persons for the Opening in the Museum.

Famed French cave paintings on exhibit in Chicago

The Lascaux Cave travels to the United States

An article to explain Lascaux’s travels to children.
Read on (May 10th 2013)


Contract signed with the Houston Museum of Natural Science !

From October 2013 to March 2014 – Houston (USA)


Lascaux’s paintings presented… in Chicago

Published in Le Point (March 21st 2013)

Scenes from the Stone Age Exhibition Logo - copie

Opening in The Field Museum, Chicago

The exhibition renamed “Stone Ages : The Cave Paintings of Lascaux” has just opened today at the Field.


International premiere

From March 20th to September 8th 2013 – The Field Museum, Chicago (USA)


Visitors examine a copy of the 17,000-year-old Great Cow Panel from the cave paintings of Lascaux during a media preview at Chicago’s Field Museum.

Reproductions of the paintings are being displayed for the first time outside of France.
Read in BBC News in pictures (March 20th 2013)


Montreal Science Centre (Quebec)

From April to September 2014 – Montréal (Québec)

Capture d’écran 2013-10-24 à 16.23.17

Scenes from the Stone Age: The Cave Paintings of Lascaux

Immersion visit of the exhibit at the Field Museum of Chicago.
Vidéo produced by the Field Museum (Chicago), published in March 2013

- Watch the video -

Capture d’écran 2013-10-24 à 16.27.48

Making of – Field Museum Chicago

“Go behind the scenes with the exhibitions team at The Field Museum as they put together their newest exhibition.”
Created by the Field Museum (Chicago), published in March 2013.

- Watch the video -


Lascaux 3: Cap Sciences in Bordeaux greets more than 105,000 visitors!

Read in Sud-Ouest (February 25th 2013)


When man met mammoth and painted it

Read in The Chicago Reader – Part One (February 21st 2013)
Part Two (March 15th 2013)


Setting-up in Chicago !

The Lascaux crew setting-up the exhibition at the Field : 5 dedicated professionals. The set-up time is 3 weeks minimum and the dismantling time is 2 weeks.


More than 100, 000 visitors for Lascaux 3 Exhibition : twice more than expected !

Read in Sud-Ouest (January 7th 2013)


Already 70, 000 visitors: an absolute record for Cap Sciences

Read in Sud-Ouest (December 24th 2012)

Capture d’écran 2015-06-02 à 13.15.10

Immersion visit of the exhibit

A Cap Sciences, Bordeaux video produced by Blue Head Production, video and music by Ugo Savouillan, BLUEHEAD Studio
released on November 16th 2012

Watch the video


Documentary: Opening of the exhibit at Cap Sciences, Bordeaux

Seen on I Télé (October 14th 2012)

Bx 2

France premiere

From October 13th 2012 to January 6th 2013 – Cap Sciences, Bordeaux (France)

Capture d’écran 2015-06-02 à 13.19.12

Making of: E.Dayne’s hyperrealistic anatomical sculptures

Published on October 11th 2012

Watch on Youtube

Capture d’écran 2015-06-02 à 13.20.59

Making of: Assembling the exhibition at Cap Sciences, Bordeaux

Vidéo produced by Cap Sciences
Published on October 11th 2012

Watch the video


Lascaux 3 : globe-trotter exhibit begins its grand tour in 2013 – USA, Canada, China…

Seen on France 3 Aquitaine (October 10th 2012)


Yves Coppens at Lascaux : ‘like being in front of a Picasso’

Read in Sud-Ouest (October 10th 2012)